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I live like a walking death in twilight zone / some where in between death and a life being deprived of all Human Rights and Constitutional / Law 
protection by habitual offenders. I was assessed by three (3) independent psychiatrists to eliminate offender's speculations about my insanity 
prompting "delusions" etc. All psychiatrists stated clearly, that I am sane /I do NOT have/had any mental illness. No family history of any.
WSIAT Ontario – artistry in fraud / crimes, misrepresentation, misinterpretation, criminal conspiracy, purge of legal files, falsification of Doctor’s notes, recruitment/ solicitation of fraudulent witnesses, accomplice / assistance  to /of criminal offenders , accomplice into crimes, tempering with evidence, insertion of false evidence, facilitation of “illegality defence” by offender and list can go on and on.
All information used by vice-chair to adjudicate my Case is not representative of truths including my work history, positions held, etc. In her "Decision" she discriminatorily reviled / debated my place of origin /ethnicity and age. She maliciously negatively assesses my personality/ profiling me etc. She reflects on as she describes "in time he worked for short periods of time for couple of companies" trying to insinuate that I could not hold a job etc. not stating that this situation occurred  during period of the dippiest RECESSION (1987-1994) WHEN I WAS taking contract jobs to make my self employed / working. While going to work I was the only one on the road. What all of it has to do with my Case? I am Canadian for DECADES! Is she trying to justify my sytuation?
Doctor’s notes /info supporting my case is not taken in to consideration / is misinterpreted not included etc.

WSIAT Application was submitted in 2010 and was in process until September/2013 when Decision was made. SINCE THAT TIME Decision was held by WSIAT’s Legal Dept. and forwarded to me 7 months later on Apr.11/2014.                                                                                                                                                  LOOK AT OFFENDERS EVIDENCE:  http://www.pharmaholocaust.com/APOTEX-S-CRIMINAL-TESTIMONY.html
​                                                    http://www.pharmaholocaust.com/Dr--Mitchell-W--Souerhoff.html
Health Evaluation Form TorPharm / Apotex generated at the time of start of my employment as per Company's Policy in 1997. IN 2004 WHILE I WAS CRITICALLY SICK/IMPAIRED REPRESENTATIVE from Human Resources came to my desk with this form and asked me to indicate date of issuance of it just before they fired me.
I believed that she/Apotex act in good faith. Now I know that Apotex wiped out the original date of this Form to fraudulently claim that that was MY HEALTH SITUATION at the time of my departure.

Dear Sir/Madam,
Against Tribunal’s rules/regulations/law WSIAT “Legal Department” releases to Apotex / defendant/ offender personal name / identity of a vice-chair during / pending adjudicative process in order to facilitate offender’s personal access to vice-chair to manipulate/corrupt /cohorts adjudicator /vice-chair in to bias /partial processing of my Application/File/Claim.
With out my Consent Form WSIAT releases to Apotex / offender my medical File (Doctor’s statements/ diagnosis with full set of pictures of my injuries - my personal/ confidential property)!
* Vice-chair in criminal conspiracy with Apotex /offender and their Counsel Carl Peterson (LLP) refused to include in to my File evidence of fraud / criminal activities by offender forwarded by me even before a hearing date, did not inform me about hearing date of my Case etc.
Apotex /Counsel Carl Peterson (LLP) did not copy me on their submissions.
* Vice-chair did not fallow TRIBUNAL’S regulations and did not verify info, that Apotex’s “toxicologist expert” is not a medical Doctor, does not have any expertise /qualifications/ mandate to opinionate Cases like mine, he did not provide a LETTER SEND BY Apotex / Counsel to him requesting his participation, did not forward his Curriculum / Diploma etc. Dr. M.Sauerhoff - Sauerhoff & Associates is a WASTE TESTING FIRM!    He is a fraudulent expert /witness.
* V-chair accepted Apotex’s witness’s (dysfunctional employee’s) statements of work conditions / products exposures etc.
* V-chair accepted false/ fabricated / purged by Ms. Koos (Apotex’s WSiB Specialist) MSD Sheets which any way were not representative of the facts since Apotex processed array of deadly /restricted products illegally in confidentiality with out any permits or protection for personnel and against contamination.
* V- Chair cited array of excuses for my expressed concerns. In her “decision” she acknowledged fact, that she did NOT get all MSD’s from Apotex and despite this she denied my Claim!
* WSIAT V-Chair M.F. Keil in all her “deliberations” / cited medical documentations which she included in her “DECISION” committed fraud, misrepresentation, misinterpretation, purged /falsified Doctor’s notes, tempered with evidence, inserted false evidence etc.
She made up and recorded number of as she portraits them, independent – occurred on different dates MY “medical visits” from some 20+ years ago prior to my employment with Apotex. She made up bogus medical conditions such as she recorded on Page 2 &3 in her Decision: neck discomfort -1987, law back pain -1987, anxiety -1988, rhinitis – 1988, otitis- 1988, allergic rhinitis- 1989 etc.
WSIAT V-Chair M. F. Keil also falsely recorded, that I was referred to Evans Clinic by “previous employer’s plant physician “for possible isocyanate sensitivity.
Her statements are patently false!
The truth are, that I went on my own to “Evans” MDS OCCUPATIONAL HEALTH SERVICES to inquire about isocyanate chemical agent with out any exposures /medical concerns! STRICTLY TO EDUCATE MY SELF!
Bazaar, unsettling, criminal etc.
* V-chair did facilitate fraud / crimes against me a victim / disabled, sick ex-employee of Apotex.
* V-chair accepts Apotex’s / offenders false / not implemented / not observed Policies, false descriptions of conditions at work place/ Plant /Facility etc.
* V-chair mixes identities of people /individuals / documents in her deliberations / Decision.
* V-chair misinterprets some of Applicants medical diagnosis / Doctors statements while at the same time excludes / omits other which are supportive of Applicant’s ( my) / victims work place related medical conditions.
* WSIAT V-Chair M.F. Keil was so fascinated with bogus diagnosis and very brief excessive tenderness of my penis from 20+ years before my work with Apotex , that she collaborated on it in her criminal Decision which will be released to the Public, while at the same time excluded / allowed purge from my File supplied by me list of full names of thirteen (13) of my co-workers (most of them from my Department) who in 2002-2003 got hearth attacks/ strokes or other very adverse medical problems as result of massive and unprotected exposures to unknown products while at work in Apotex’s facility .
One of them died on the job shortly after my termination! What about other personnel? – Travesty/carnage!
TO GREAT EXTAND this is Workers Safety Insurance Board’s (WSiB) FAULT, THAT Corporation like Apotex stopped recording /RAPORTING to it/authorities any and all EMPLOYEES INCIDENTS/ACCIDENTS CAUSEING INJURIES.
WSiB introduced “REINBURSMENT” program for employers with “CLEAN” safety record. Apotex cash strapped at that time wanted to cash on on it and strictly prohibited (and panelized not compliant) own personnel from reporting any injuries to family Doctors /WSiB and for it it received retroactively back from WSiB about $ one million of its contributions /annual fees which went towards construction.
At time of construction Apotex suppose to be closed down for safety reasons as well as suppose to be prohibited from production of any pharmaceuticals until compliant with Regulations.
* V-chair considers /applies Applicant’s co-worker’s (independent worker) statements as Applicants’ own/ authored by Applicant.
* V-chair excludes Applicants own witness’s statements.
Excludes evidence of offenders / defendant’s / Apotex’s “ILEGALITY DEFENSE”-CRIMINAL ACTIVITIES.
* WSIAT vice-chair behaviours demonstrates either incompetence , obliviousness or luck of control / understanding of Applicant’s File which she suppose to adjudicate/ Law/ regulations/ rules or premeditated “ mess” purposely introduced into adjudicative process to aid an offender /Apotex?
* V-chair sarcastically comments on as she describes in her Decision my “mental statute change” with time of employment.
She concludes this based on my e-communication to Management about getting massively exposed and getting sick as well as based on attached independent worker’s statement (Applicant’s witness’s which she thinks was authored by Applicant) about co-worker’s own observations /experiences of work conditions at Apotex. Co – workers communications v-chair impersonates as being Applicant’s/ as my own.
She comments on my hypertension as resulting from my social, economical situation etc.
She looks at it from unprofessional / common perspective.
She does think / tries to convince, that in order to suffer from for example hypertension one must suffer from kidney disease /failure, adrenal gland disease etc. M.F.Keil –WSIAT V-chair can not comprehend that permanent / self perpetuating state of mental turmoil, agitation, anxiety, Parkinsonism, depression, symptoms of bi-polar etc. Induced by psychiatric drugs, antidepressants, narcotics etc. do manifest themselves for example with /by out of control hypertension.
Hypertension can and is induced by psychiatric drugs, antidepressant drugs, narcotics or by combination of other drugs/ medications etc.
I was exposed to over 4000 chemicals / molecules or/and compounds of them.
Those medications/drugs do act on physiology / metabolism of individual cells /organs / systems with in body / CNN- neuroplasticity / brain plasticity / PERIFIERAL NERVES etc.
V-chair debates medical issues not being equipped to do so.
She does not understand that she lucks expertise/ knowledge to be able to project/ disseminate / conclude those complex issues etc.
As result of it we /I do have tragic results prompting / perpetuating my torture, terror, suffers etc.
 Contrarily to what WSiB Rapport states, last time I was assessed by not Company’s doctor (BUT by Dr. Pietraszek) was in 2000 not in 2002. 
If Dr. Pietraszek stated that she did NOT ever treat me for hypertension that means trough period of 20+ years while I was under her care until 2000 not to date of issuance of her Letter /statement as WSiB /WSIAT / offenders claim!
V-CHAIR OF WSIAT M.F. Keil FAILED TO NOTIFY Ministry of environment / CONCEALED evidence /information contained in my Case File , that Apotex in gross manner polluted environment /public water supply by trough period of NOT a day, or a week, or a year, or two, or three …. was discharging heavy concentration – slur of waste production waters directly in to City’s storm systems/ Lake Ontario having City’s worker standing by to reset/ override monitoring /alarm station in the City’s sewers.
Term “diagnose” –“delusional” was introduced in to deliberations by Doctor working for offenders / WSIAT/WSiB.
It has nothing to do with me/ reality. IT WAS “DELIGENTLY” MENTIONED / QUOTED BY WSIAT V-CHAIR M.F. Keil IN HER criminal Decision to undermine my credibility.
* WSIAT / VICE-CHAIR ALLOWS Apotex/ offender/ defendant to control/ manipulate /adjudicative process/ documents of victims /Applicant’s Files etc.
WSIAT VICE-CHAIR TAKES EXCESSIWALY LONG TIME (OVER 4 YEARS) TO ADJUDICATE MY Application / facilitates torture/ terror/ horror of me a victim for over 10 years and pending!
* WSIAT V-Chair M.F.Keil allows offender/Apotex/ Counsel Carl Peterson time to purge/manipulate/ my file and sterilizes any thing supporting my Claim!
* WSIAT V- chair becomes facilitator/ accomplice in crimes / torture, fraud and in all I allege against Apotex /Counsel Carl Peterson (LLP).
* WSIAT v-chair refused pararell processing of my Human Rights Application for 10+ years of torture/terror / depravation of all rights and constitutional / Law protection despite Tribunal’s mandate to do so etc., etc., etc.
Where is Police to dismantle criminal ring / organized crime activities and  guilty of it charge with on the first count of the indictment  with offenses?

In fraudulent activities the rule is, that if one repeats a lie enough many times then the lie becomes the truths/reality.
That is what it happened with “vitiligo” condition which according to WSIAT vice chair adjudicating my Claim apparently I did have diagnosed some 8 years prior / before my work with Apotex.  At the same time she states, that she does NOT understand why I did not have it shortly afar!
That luck of understanding does not stop her from deny of my legitimate leucoderma induced by exposures in Apotex!

The “vitiligo” from 8 years before my work in Apotex was invented by Apotex / Counsel Carl Peterson ( LLP) /WSiB/WSIAT based on unrelated and very temporally skin condition resulting from shallow 3rd degree burns which I endured / sustain while working at that time in food processing / packaging Plant as result of accidental direct contact by my hands with hit elements on equipment while servicing under production rush /pressure or/and having splashed on hands of melted hot glue from glue guns/sprays on packaging cartoners accidentally triggered by photo cell /micro switch activation and / or splashes of boiling food oils during service ( trouble shooting)
Those / such hand injuries were very frequent for me and other personnel and often were getting contaminated / infected while covered up with rubber / latex gloves which restricted air circulation.
In 1987 I went for a consult to dermatologist with unrelated concern and I made a comment to a Doctor / dermatologist about “home” remedy to treat such minor surface skin injuries in stead of with rubbing alcohol with / by a mild solution of chloramine (a little bit more concentrated then in tap drinking water or a swimming pool etc.).

I went to mentioned dermatologist for a consult about private part which due to work in food industry in very hot and moist environment and due to constant sweating in high temperatures with restricted air circulation as well as due to industrial laundering of company’s uniforms started to cause some discomfort /irritation.
Very minor/local condition of my private part was invented by offenders as effecting my whole body. Also at the time of examination I did have one small acne /pimple /zit on my back due to sweating and a small crack at a small toe on my foot from work shoes. NOTHING ALSE! Doctor named it dermatitis, rhinitis – please stop the fraud! Offenders made out of it a chronic whole body condition / disease.
Talking about laundering of information.

At the time affected area presented itself as slightly discoloured / depigmented as should it be after burning until fully healed and exposed again to the sun.
At that time Doctor (July 22/1987 – Dr. Barry H. Long) made his observations in his Report naming it as DEPIGMENTED LESIONS / POST – INFLAMATORY depigmentation/ depigmented "MACULES" NOT AS ANY IDIOPATHIC VITILIGO OF ANY KIND and send it to a family Doctor at that time where mentioned Report remained dormant for many, many years (26 years) until WSiB requested release of all my medical file and stuck to it as a way out of liabilities to accept my legitimate leucoderma induced by toxic exposures with out any protection to unknown products processed illegally at Apotex.
Apotex / Counsel Carl Peterson (LLP)/ WSiB invented own diagnoses out of irelewent temporally condition which as record on File shows totally / fully cleared out after few months ( documented / on file – Dr. Jancelewicz Apr 21 /1988).
I did not see this Report as well).
On April 21/1988 during my preventative /exploratory visit with Dr. Jancelewicz he asked me:
1. Do you have time to time headaches? I answered – sure who does not?
2. Do you have nasal stuffiness? – I answered –sure during seasonal colds.
3. Do you have irritation of the throat or dizziness or/and time to time abdominal cramps/diarhea? - I answered yes –occasionally.
4. Then he asked me to stripe down and he very carefully examined my whole body.

After that he did cut my skin in 12 points by a sharp needle and rubbed in some kind of solution and after that he stated that I do have some allergies.
After this visit I never had any thing what Dr. Jancelewicz “determined”. I did not go to any other Doctor ever with any of such complaints or I did take any tests / medications for any allergies / medical conditions indicated in Dr. Jancelewicz’s Report (on File).
Dr. Jancelewicz stated: “skin was clear, he showed a fit man”.

On May 03/1988 visit with ear, nose and throat Consultant Group for work clearance Report shows: (all clear to examination –Dr. Gerald Rosen).

I did not have any health issues prior to work with Apotex!

In regard to onset of hypertension and “vitiligo (leucoderma): as a patient I did have a last Office visit with my family Doctor Dr. Pietraszek on Dec 13 / 2000.
At that time she diagnosed and conformed allergic reaction to toxic agents at Apotex as a triggering mechanism for my leucoderma.
Also Dr. Pietraszek clearly states that trough period of 25 years she never treated me for any hypertension or /vitiligo. I WAS HEALTHY.

In 2001 I moved to other City and I was taken to a family practice of Dr. Ott.
After I was fired and very sick, she very shortly was subdued by WSiB IN TO COOPERATION AGAINST ME – A VICTIM. She contacted Dr. Pietraszek my former family doctor of 25 years to antagonise her with me and unable me to get any help from her 
In Jan /2008 I had to go in person to Dr. Pietraszek to get some documents from the past.
I did not have any medical examination since 2000 to 2006 when Dr. Ott accepted me so stating that Dr. Ott was the first to diagnose my hypertension years after I left Apotex is FAULSE.
I started to safer from / I did have severe hypertension while working at Apotex and it was diagnosed with other medical problems like frequent lungs problems by Company’s Doctor which refused any cooperation with me / WSiB etc.
All what I allege is in my Case File (documented).
I never had any important / chronic medical conditions prior to work in Apotex which WSIAT (vice-chair M. F. Keil) claims in her Decision I did / do have!
I hold her criminally accountable for criminal conspiracy, torture, fraud, and all what Apotex is accused of.
I give her credit to prove that she was presented for her consideration / adjudication with compromised by offenders (Apotex/ Counsel Carl Peterson –LLP/ WSiB) my file.
In the past offenders did laundry / purge my file in all Government Institutions adjudicating my Claim (AS “PARTICIPANTS”).
Offenders’ fabricated MSD sheets, witnesses, own evidence etc.

In regard to mentioned by vice-chair OF WSIAT cyanide which she claims I worked with, well is also false.
I worked for 5 weeks on installation of automated machine / a robot imported from Germany for upholstery of chairs. I did have 5 weeks contract to work on a robot and make it operational.
Employer liked so much my exceptional work that they offered to me a permanent position with the Company.
Because in other Division Company produced foam for sit cushions which had some ingredient in it (cyanide) I went to a Doctor to ask about whether I should have any concerns about it?
After that I did not take the offered job.
Record in my WSIAT file shows that I did not work with the “cyanide” contrarily to what vice-chair of WSIAT –M. F. KEIL CLAIMS in her decision of Sept/2013 which I received on Apr 11/2014.
I t is very tragic to me a victim that medical notes are interpreted by incompetent personnel in Government Agencies not able to differentiate in between medical terms.
For example temporary post inflammatory depigmentation after shallow skin burns which as medical records on file show disappeared after few months does not mean that this is/WAS idiopathic vitiligo or leucoderma from 8 years prior to employment with Apotex etc.

Additionally compromised by offenders’ kin on heading their crimes and gaming the system and victims! Will they get away with their crimes?
WSIAT held my file for over 4 years allowing me and my file to be eroded / compromised by offenders and a time. Scandal, criminal conspiracy!
Since my file were released to a third party (Apotex, Carl Peterson-LLP, WSIAT) they polluted them with invented diagnoses of “vitiligo” in all proceedings in all Government Agencies and subsequently that “pollution” showed up in all of on going forward doctor’s notes.
All contacted by me Doctors or Doctors associated with my Claim started to incorporate bias /fabricated by defendants / offenders’ info/scenario in to their deliberations as that info would be the facts!
So bias /fabricated by offenders info after so many years of laundering become bases for denial of my legitimate claim/ entitlement by WSIAT WHILE ALL OTHER DIAGNOSES /MEDICAL CONDITIONS WERE SIMPLY OMMITED / DISMISSED AS NON EXISTANT.
No one refers to a letter submitted by my Doctor of 25 years stating clearly that I did not have any medical problems for 25 years of her caring for me and certainly onset of my leucoderma / “vitiligo occurred for a first time in 2000 while working unprotected and massively exposed on daily bases to array of unknown and very toxic chemicals / molecules compounded in Apotex!
Hypertension was dismissed as well despite clear record of onset.
No accountability.
Criminal fraudulent behaviour, illegality defence and much more.
I am /we are dealing with “master minds” of fraud and deceive.
Best Regards,
Apotex’s, Carl Peterson –LLP, WSIAT, Government of Ontario victim