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I live like a walking death in twilight zone / some where in between death and a life being deprived of all Human Rights and Constitutional / Law 
protection by habitual offenders. I was assessed by three (3) independent psychiatrists to eliminate offender's speculations about my insanity 
prompting "delusions" etc. All psychiatrists stated clearly, that I am sane /I do NOT have/had any mental illness. No family history of any.
The lawlessness of the Apotex, Big Pharma immunity
Dear Sir/Madam,

The lawlessness of the Apotex, Big Pharma immunity, and crimes against 
Apotex's criminal acts will be long remembered as its campaign against 
health consumers.
Apotex established a power of such scale and scope that it attempts to 
bypass all laws, the will of Legislative Assembly, Parliament and 
fundamental protections for consumers. This may as well be called a "Final 
Solution" for employees of Big Pharma, drug consumers /General Public. 
Employees / Consumers can no sue drug company for the harm caused by any 
Apotex's drug, even if the drug's manufacturer intentionally misled the FDA 
/ Public by hiding or fabricating clinical trial data.
Apotex managed to outright eliminate of any responsibility whatsoever for 
the suffering and death caused by criminal negligence / deadly 
Such a position has no basis in law.
The ploy has, "...nothing to do with science.
It is contrary to Canada's Judicial / Constitutional system.
It is contrary to all the law!
Apotex is dangerous to Population in 115 Countries importing Apotex's 
This is outrageous at a time when so many Canadians /Americans and other 
sick people around the World are routinely killed by contaminated 
medications, the harmful side effects of prescription drugs. This only 
contributes to the arrogance and absurdity of this rogue Company that has 
now become the No. 1 threat to the health and safety of the people.
Even a terrorist nuclear attack on a major city would not equal the number 
of C anadians / Americans who have already been killed by the negligent 
actions of Apotex /the FDA.
FDA-approved prescription drugs injure 2.2 million and kill approximately 
100,000 Americans each year, according to peer-reviewed published studies, 
and more realistic estimates put the number of deaths at over 200,000 people 
annually in the United States alone (see Death By Medicine for detailed 
For example Vioxx, according to senior FDA drug safety researcher Dr. David 
Graham, appears responsible for the deaths of over 60,000 Americans, and 
further deaths due to beta blockers, antidepressant drugs, statins and other 
medications continue to mount by the hour.
The resulting FDA body count of American casualties makes the casualties of 
war look small in comparison. The Vietnam War claimed the lives of 
approximately 50,000 Americans (plus many more Vietnamese), and a memorial 
in Washington D.C. honors those who died. But FDA-approved prescription 
drugs have killed well over a million Americans, yet no memorial will be 
It's not like these consumers were killed by enemy gunfire in a foreign 
land; they were killed by American companies, on American soil, with the 
full permission and approval of an American regulatory agency! The enemy 
from within is, indeed, far more dangerous than any foreign threat to the 
lives of American citizens.
Not since World War II have so many Americans died from a single, common, 
preventable cause, and it almost seems that the FDA has declared war on the 
American people and is using chemical weapons to win that war.
The scourge of dangerous prescription drugs, combined with willful collusion 
at the FDA, has now created a chemical holocaust on U.S. /Canadian soil that 
will continue to claim the lives of mothers, fathers, daughters and sons 
until the American /Canadian people demand that justice be served and that 
the FDA / pharmaceutical industrial complex be dismantled and condemned 
through some modern-day equivalent of the Nuremberg Trials.
How many millions more have to die from this chemical holocaust before this 
reign of medical terror is brought to an end?
Apotex / drug companies do operate with impunity, shouldering absolutely no 
responsibility for the harmful (even fatal) side effects of their 
prescription drugs, many of which we are now learning were only approved 
under highly suspicious circumstances that smack of fraud, corruption and 
outright criminal intent. Consumers harmed or killed by toxic prescription 
drugs -- even drugs that their manufacturers knew were extremely 
dangerous -- have no recourse whatsoever.
If present rules were to go unchallenged, the degree of profiteering by Big 
Pharma would be unprecedented.
Free to charge monopoly prices thanks to the FDA-enforced domestic drug 
racket that outlaws international competition, and unburdened by the 
financial risk of lawsuits from consumers harmed by their drugs, Big Pharma 
is being emboldened to unleash a dystopian era of unprecedented disease 
mongering, bribery of doctors, false advertising and the mass drugging of 
children, adults and seniors alike... with absolutely nothing to hold them 
in check.
This result may, in fact, have been the intention all along.
A more detailed legal criticism is offered by Karen Barth Menzies, an 
attorney at Baum Hedlund in Los Angeles.
The rules as they stand do represent the end of health justice, the end of 
the power of Parlament / Legislative/Congress, and the surrender of 
absolute power to an agency (FDA) of such arrogance and evil that it has 
conducted armed raids on vitamin clinics, organized the raid of a church, 
and even ordered the destruction of recipe books it didn't want to see 
The FDA, through its willful negligence, is indirectly responsible for the 
deaths of more Americans than all terrorists, murderers and drunk drivers 
As the deaths continue to mount, and drug companies become even more 
aggressive with outlandish disease mongering and advertising efforts, the 
FDA rears up to unleash a new wave of corporate terrorism upon the American 
/Canadian people by emboldening drug companies to care even less about the 
safety of their synthetic chemical products, most of which cause harm by 
their very nature of being foreign to the human body.
As Menzies explains: "Pharmaceutical industry lobbying efforts and zealot 
tort reformers have sired a new wave of brazen attempts to shield drug 
manufacturers from tort liability. The preemption language in the preamble 
to the Final Rule is but the latest attempt. Preemption has become the 
argument du jour and politically appointed regulatory officials the 
mouthpieces. The crafty messages sound of consumer protection, but are just 
the opposite. Limiting the liability of drug companies will not improve 
public safety. The FDA's purported position on preemption assumes that the 
FDA is infallible and that negligent misconduct by pharmaceutical companies 
should be the sole purview of FDA. Recent regulatory failures demonstrate 
that FDA is neither infallible nor does it have the capability of policing 
drug manufacturers negligent misconduct. "
Truth be told, there is not enough money in the world to pay for all the 
pain, suffering and death that has already been caused by prescription 
drugs, and if drug companies are held responsible for even a small fraction 
of the patients their products have harmed and killed, they will rapidly 
fall from the most wealthy corporations in the world to the most bankrupt, 
both financially and morally.
You see, the arrogance and greed of drug companies will ultimately be their 
downfall. They have pushed too hard, too far, and they have landed 
themselves in a realm of such obvious scientific fraud and criminal 
negligence that the backlash is inevitable. The rampant disease mongering, 
the mass drugging of schoolchildren with amphetamines, the false claims of 
drug ads, the bribery of doctors, the collusion at the FDA... it's all 
coming to the surface now, and by the time this house of cards comes 
tumbling down, the resulting criminal trials against drug company executives 
and FDA officials will make the Enron trials sound like a high school 
It is not only inevitable that drug company executives and FDA senior 
officials will do prison time for their crimes against humanity, it is 
important that they be loudly condemned via such punishments for knowingly 
defrauding, harming and ultimately killing countless people in exchange for 
one thing: Corporate profits.
American medicine is now the shame of the world, and the conduct of senior 
officials at the FDA is nothing less than criminal. There is now no greater 
threat to the health and safety of the people than the U.S. Food and Drug 
Apotex managed to compromise operational integrity, mandate etc. of key 
Government Agencies, Boards, Commissions, some Tribunals, which suppose to 
protect General Public.
Apotex developed integrated and very successful network of crime in Ontario.
Now we know how this happened, that private Corporation controls Lawyers, 
Doctors, Government Agencies etc.?
OHR Tribunal as well as Ontario Labour Board, WSiB, Ontario Ombudsmen, 
Ontario Human Rights Commission, Worker Advisor Office, Fair Practices 
Commission and many other Government Agencies which repeatedly refused to 
report to Police crimes against me and General Public.
Apotex become a bully who harms / attacks people who express concerns in 
area of Public Safety or are weaker or unable to defend themselves. Apotex 
exposed own employees to appalling and atrocious conditions at work.
Defendant, Apotex / Counsel displayed bad faith, arrogance, disrespect to 
Canadian Constitution, Human Rights, whole Justice System, Public Order. 
Tribunals etc.
Apotex is defiant, not regretful, with out remorse, not willing to correct 
wrong doings. Company, OHR Tribunal as well as other Government Agencies 
(collectively GOVERNMENT) got engaged in intentional malicious conduct 
violating all statutes with a reckless indifference. It acted in the face of 
a perceived risk that its actions will violate all laws. Apotex /Counsel 
after 6 years of disabling me, torturing me, denials of medical help, 
denials of Constitutional and Law protection as well as many other criminal 
acts eventually admitted all allegations. Apotex refuse to plea "Guilty", 
and in further criminal acts decided to challenge my Application on 
technicalities / alleged preliminary issues.
I was and am tortured by Apotex, Ontario Labor Board, WSiB, Ontario's 
Ombudsmen Office, Office of the Worker Adviser, Ontario Human Rights 
Commission/Tribunal and some more Agencies. Canadian Government institutions 
mandated to assist General Public in time of misfortune, suffer and despair 
selected to engage in criminal activities and assist criminal Corporation 
which is stone waling an Ontarian / victim with life threatening medical 
conditions. Those Institutions deprived me from Constitutional and Law 
protection. Apotex and its accomplices denied me medical help, deprived me 
of all means of sustaining myself and are not regretful. Apotex, Ontario 
Labor Board, WSiB, Ontario's Ombudsmen Office sentenced me and my family for 
life of suffer, despair, hunger and poverty. Apotex, Ontario Labor Board, 
WSiB, Ontario's Ombudsmen Office shattered my and my family's dreams and 
future. Apotex many times derailed my attempts to get help and justice.
Apotex should be declared as the one committing crimes against humanity, 
committing acts of domestic and Global terrorism and should be investigated 
by Amnesty International, FBI, Ministry of Public Safety and trialed by 
Tribunal in Strasburg for such crimes.
Apotex did knowingly and willfully make a materially false, fictitious and 
fraudulent statements and representation in a matter within the jurisdiction 
of the Ontario Labor Board, WSiB, Ontario Human Rights Commission, Tribunal 
and other Government Agencies, DENIED MEDICAL HELP as well obstructed 
Canadian Constitution etc.
Apotex committed many counts of perverting the course of justice or 
intending to pervert the course of justice, many counts of perjury, criminal 
conspiracy, criminal negligence, criminal recruitment of false witnesses, 
attempted murder, did cause permanent disability, irreparable damage. Issues 
and/or events which occurred after my departure from Employer are also in 
full are Apotex's liabilities due to fact that Apotex actively sabotaged 
legal /administrative proceedings in all Government Agencies in question. 
Preliminary matters are that Apotex In premeditated manner is torturing me 
for MANY, MANY years and pending. Company acts without any consideration for 
the human rights.
Apotex falsified all records provided by them to Ontario Labor Board, WSiB, 
Ontario Human Rights Commission, Tribunal and other Government Agencies 
(collectively Government) and engaged its employees in criminal conspiracy 
(documented) which untimely further deteriorates my state of health.
Apotex denied me medical help, Constitutional and Law protection, deprived 
mi of ability to get new job and/or provide for my self.
Best Regards,
(Apotex's victim)

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