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I live like a walking death in twilight zone / some where in between death and a life being deprived of all Human Rights and Constitutional / Law 
protection by habitual offenders. I was assessed by three (3) independent psychiatrists to eliminate offender's speculations about my insanity 
prompting "delusions" etc. All psychiatrists stated clearly, that I am sane /I do NOT have/had any mental illness. No family history of any.
The extraordinarily lucrative pharmaceutical industry has long been driven 
more by profit, power and policy then pills or concern to Health and Safety.

Dear Sir/Madam, 

The extraordinarily lucrative pharmaceutical industry has long been driven 
more by profit, power and policy then pills or concern to Health and Safety.
There is much moral posturing in an industry that is only too well aware, 
that it capitalizes on a captive market of the desperate and the afflicted.
It is important to differentiate in between an accident and a crime 
(criminal, methodical negligence). Torpharm/Apotex got engaged in 
intentional malicious conduct violating all statutes with a reckless 
They deliberately acted with knowledge of a high degree of probability of 
serious harm to SICK PEOPLE /General Public and reckless indifference to the 
consequences of that act.
It acted in the face of a perceived risk that its actions will violate all 
We are faced with unethical corporation that engaged in illegal production 
of prohibited products, violated all rules of the corporate system and in 
the process sacrificed health of patients in 115 countries.
No Justice System is allowing a Criminal to fabricate an alibi/evidence. Why 
FDA did it by allowing Apotex to continue to market their products with out 
charging any one from this Corporation with crimes against humanity? Recent 
FDA's decision to lift import alert paves the way for Apotex's oral solid 
dose products to be available again for US consumers; Company moves forward 
to restore pipeline of shipments to the local market.
Drugs with deadly or dangerous side effects /contamination often make it to 
the market because their potential dangers were not anticipated /NOT 
disclosed. These drugs are classified as defective drugs and IN MANY CASES 
have been identified by the FDA as having dangerous side effects that 
outweigh whatever benefits they may have. Such an FDA classification often 
leads to drug recalls, personal injuries etc. If you or your loved ones have 
been taking defective drugs, side effects to health can be irreversible.
COVER UP? General Public kept oblivious about crimes being committed against 
it by Apotex.
Apotex subjected SICK PEOPLE to the most horrifying experiences imaginable 
Where is a Task Force to ass's negative impact of contaminated products on 
sick and afflicted / suffering people and compensate them by proper 
Company criminally concealed names/ nature of processed products. Company 
processed products with out regulatory permits in Facility not approved for 
those products!
All evidence shows that the Corporation deviated from the standard of 
FDA's Warning Letter indicates absence of internal regulations / mechanisms 
to reassure proper standards / quality of products. This indicates criminal 
conspiracy, incompetence and malice (Department of Health and Human 
Services Public Health Service, Food and Drug Administration , Silver 
Spring, MD 20993 ,WL: 320-09-06), (Apotex Inc. 3/29/10, Department of Health 
and Human Services Public Health Service, Food and Drug Administration, 
Silver Spring MD 20993, Warning Letter, )WL: 320 - 10 - 003.
"It (FDA) also maintains that Apotex assigned new batch numbers and 
re-packaged products that had previously failed quality testing, including 
batches of oxcarbazepine for epilepsy and mood stabiliser lithium carbonate 
The letter cites "serious and repeat violations" at the plants and says that 
the company's response, sent to the agency in September 2009 is "inadequate 
and lacks sufficient corrective actions".
Apotex has to be liquidated and all recovery must go to Federal treasure for 
partial coverage of carnage Apotex did in Society.
People from any Managerial, Executive level including ownership must be 
prevented by Court Order from working in any pharmaceutical, chemical or 
food industry ever - in the name of Public's SAFETY!