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I live like a walking death in twilight zone / some where in between death and a life being deprived of all Human Rights and Constitutional / Law 
protection by habitual offenders. I was assessed by three (3) independent psychiatrists to eliminate offender's speculations about my insanity 
prompting "delusions" etc. All psychiatrists stated clearly, that I am sane /I do NOT have/had any mental illness. No family history of any.
Is the WSI Act of 1997 and WSIAT, even legal?

Is the WSI Act of 1997 and WSIAT, even legal?
Dear Madams and Sirs,
- December 14/2011 - "As a victim I do strongly OBJECT to Apotex's Counsel Carl Peterson request for an extension on the deadline and am asking you Sir /WSIAT to categorically deny Apotex's Counsel Carl Peterson any opportunity to further facilitate crime, torture, abuse and all of what I allege in my previous communications.
I am looking forward for your protection of my rights and to decline Apotex's Counsel Carl Peterson any relief / cooperation (defendant all ready proven guilty /fraudulent many times all over again).
- On December 19/2011 WSIAT grants an extension on the deadline to Apotex /Counsel - Carl Peterson.
Despite my plea to not facilitate Apotex's /Counsel's perpetuating crimes / fraud and to not grant any extensions on the deadline, WSIAT allows Apotex/Counsel - Carl Peterson opportunity to further fabricate false evidence.
In few days I will pass 8 years of suffer, torture , retribution , discrimination, denial of medical / Legal help , denial of Constitutional / Law protection and all of what I do allege against Apotex /Counsel and many Government Agencies.
Any Court of Law would make defendant lose defense if not compliant /proven fraudulent / criminal , but not in WSIAT' case. 
Apotex /Counsel commits fraud / criminal acts in the open and do receive Systemic / Institutional cooperation / protection!
Is for WSIAT a top priority to keep Citizens / Communities safe .?...............I am not convinced......:) 
Is the WSI Act of 1997 and WSIAT, even legal? Final Draft, September 13, 1993 - WSI Act 1997, Bill 99, Bill 14 and the WSIAT.

"The WSI Act 1997 and the Workplace Safety Insurance Appeals Tribunal (WSIAT), reeks of human rights violations and dicriminations many of which I know I do not have to reiterate. The WSI Act 1997 and WSIAT, to an 'ordinary person' would appear biased and in violation of the North American Labour Cooperation agreement (NAALC) and the North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA).
Since the WSI Act 1997 was debated in the years prior to 1997 but after 1993, was the NAFTA and the NAACL consulted during those times, in order to make sure the WSI Act of 1997 complied with NAFTA and the NAAlc? And during the years since, why has the province debated and passed Bill 99 and Bill14, which further restricts workers rights to fair and equitable compensation benefits, medical treatments and representation at WSIAT hearings"?
"..........since the WSI Act 1997 was a new act and the WSIB and WSIAT new entities to Ontario's labour laws, would it not stand to reason, the act, and the creation of the WSIB and the WSIAT would have had to be in compliance with the NAALC and NAFTA? This has not been the case in Ontario as far as I can tell, which leads me to question the legality of the act, the WSIB and WSIAT.
I see nothing but NAALC contravention and absolutely no fairness extended to those having had to enter the WSIB system because of a workplace injury and subsequent disability. The WSI Act 1997 1.2.1. circumvents the Ontario Human Rights Code (HRC) with an exercise in age discrimination. The act exempts itself from sections 1 and 5 of the HRC. The WSIB will only pay loss of earning benefits to occupationally disabled workers, until age 65, irregardless of Ontario's 'No Mandatory Retirement' legislation enacted in 2006. Evidence of age discrimination exists throughout the act and has been used for many other instances, beyond that of ending loss of earnings at age 65.
I have heard the Meredith Principles (foundation of workers compensation), referred to as a 'living document' by some fairly high ranking WSIB officials. They are of the position the Meredith Principles had to evolve to keep up with the circumstances of the day. I have spent much time going over Sir William Meredith's principles and I can't find one iota suggesting they were open to 'evolve' over time. Being the 'living document' statement came from WSIB officials does not surprise me but what really worries me is if they actually believe it.
The WSI Act of 1997, Bill 99 and Bill 14, rips at the very fabric of the Charter of Rights and Freedoms of Canada and the NAALC and NAFTA. The act and the WSIB policies makes mockery of the Charter by removing the disabled worker's human and charter rights. There is a right to appeal decisions through an appeals process that is integerally connected to the WSIB. Evidence presented on appeal by the appelant does not have to be taken into account unless the WSIB allows it. WSIAT is supposed to be independant of the WSIB which it clearly is not. How can a fair hearing be held by a tribunal that is controlled by one entity party to proceedings? This does not comply with any 'due process' of law that I'm aware of but that is what seems to have happened in Ontario.
As you can see the WSIB, WSIAT, Bill 99 and Bill14, do not even come anywhere close to being as prescribed by Article #5 of the NAALC and the time line suggests that complete compliance should have been adhered to during their creation. The Ontario Ministry of Labour has been complicit in destroying lives in Ontario by allowing the WSIB and thier biased judicial system, systematically cause poverty, disparity, and secondary ill health (physical, metal, psychological and emotional) to a subculture of disabled by occupation with limited rights, financial abilities and access to medical treatment, all in the name of greed.
By Pete"

Apotex's/ WSiB's / Carl Peterson's (Filion Wakely Thorup Angeletti LLP / 
Government's of Ontario victim


Ron McArthur - Apotex’s Senior Vice President

During news media interview (2002 ) Apotex’s Senior Vice President , Operations Ron McArthur offered a very liberal description / assessment of internal situation / non compliance as a Standard Operational Procedure ( SOP ) WITH IN THIS Organization ( Apotex ) which by its nature invalidated all Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP). All ingredients (actives, controlled substances and every thing else together on the floors in manufacturing (MFG) / Packaging (PKG) areas / all over.
Apotex for years sacrificed own employees AND FOR MANY YEARS very negatively impacted unfortunate, afflicted, and very much suffering vulnerable people / health products consumers.
Scores of them were pushed over the edge by contamination, over dose (luck of actives) etc.
Justice was not served for those affected those who perished in agony / their families / General Public (somebody’s loved ones) often spending last pennies on meds which suppose to help.
Construction / expansion created mayhem for 6 + years.
Ron McArthur actually provided some real matrix / matrices.