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I live like a walking death in twilight zone / some where in between death and a life being deprived of all Human Rights and Constitutional / Law 
protection by habitual offenders. I was assessed by three (3) independent psychiatrists to eliminate offender's speculations about my insanity 
prompting "delusions" etc. All psychiatrists stated clearly, that I am sane /I do NOT have/had any mental illness. No family history of any.
Informed consent
Informed consent…is about the right to make choices and the right to refuse consent. 
It is about the right of individuals to preserve their integrity and dignity whatever physical and mental deterioration they may suffer through ill health.
It is about our duty always and in all circumstances to respect each other as fellow human beings and as persons!
Informed Consent underscores the urgent need for societies and health care systems to recognize the unnecessary harmfulness of psychiatric medications, and to protect the rights of those who desire drug-free care.

My ex-employer -Apotex, WSiB and many other Government Agencies with a gang of ACCOMPLICES, COLLABORATORS, PARTNERS, FACILITATORS, CRIMINALS in Domestic / Global Terrorism, Crimes against General Public / HUMANITY, CRIMES AGAINST ENVIRONMENT, in Torture , obstruction of Criminal Code, CHARTER of Human Rights, Constitution, Labour Act , ALL of them denied to me any and all help and protection forcing me to be subdued by their acts of crime AND TO VICTIMIZE ME WITH OUT ANY CONCERN FOR MY RIGHTS / MY WELL BEING etc., etc., etc.! 
ALL OF THEM IMPOSED ON ME Drug-Induced HELL, LEGAL ABUSE SYNDROME (LAS)/ post traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) /a psychic injury and permanent disability etc. .
The patterns, prevalence, and causes of my medical problems associated with antidepressants, antipsychotics, anxiolytics, mood stabilizers, narcotics, stimulants (benzodiazepines, antihypertensives etc.) and many other are extremely horrifying. 
Methodical analysis of the scientific and epidemiological evidence confirms psychopharmaceuticals as a cause of brain damage and premature death. 

Laypersons, clinicians, lawyers, and policy makers should work towards improvement of the quality and integrity of health care, and to safeguard the fundamental right of all patients to avoid unwarranted bodily harm – particularly, when that harm occurs in the form of misinformed, fraudulent, and/or coercive (involuntary) medical care.

At Apotex I developed the painful awareness of fact that pharmaceutical / Health Care Industry underwent very negative transformation.

I realized , that all the things my teachers taught me about Pharmaceutical Industry /Health Care Industry then, proved to be untrue / are wrong today. 
I had to undergo process of corrective self-education along with an emphasis upon the methodological deficiencies which commonly distort the value of drug treatments. 
I desired more detailed understanding of the targets of psychiatric drugs in terms of their chemical and structural effects. 
I wanted to explore the concept of allostatic load–a phenomena of maladaptive changes made by the body in response to stimuli, such as medication (particularly psychiatric).
I explored levels of tolerance (an important mechanism of decreasing responsitivity to treatment /exposure over time) and drug discontinuation syndromes (withdrawal and rebound). 
All of those interests were prompted by my own negative experiences as well as due to dramatic medical, psychological / behavioral changes in /of my pears at Apotex etc.
Apotex presented me with a very specific environment of uncontrolled toxic exposures of mass / army of unwilling / unaware / oblivious subjects /employees.
It was like a mad's man lab or Nazi's gas chambers / medical - pharmacological experiments, subjecting multiple subjects to horrifying (unauthorized) clinical trials involving massive overdose of drugs / compounds etc., etc. etc.
Only by thinking about it makes me extremely sick.....................:)

Apotex's / WSiB's / Government's of Ontario victim