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I live like a walking death in twilight zone / some where in between death and a life being deprived of all Human Rights and Constitutional / Law 
protection by habitual offenders. I was assessed by three (3) independent psychiatrists to eliminate offender's speculations about my insanity 
prompting "delusions" etc. All psychiatrists stated clearly, that I am sane /I do NOT have/had any mental illness. No family history of any.
Apotex criminally concealed names/ nature of processed products
Dear Sir. Madam, 

Company criminally concealed names/ nature of processed products. Company 
processed products with out regulatory permits in Facility not approved for 
those products (not providing any personal protection for Personnel), did 
not post Safety Data Sheets , Work Orders and did not disclose short and long 
term health hazards do to massive unprotected exposures.
As result of Company's negligence (exposure to advanced structural composite 
materials /chemicals used in the manufacturing processes which have been 
classified as to have a co- carcinogenic and/or synergistic effect I am 
Apotex, by not providing employees with any product info and personal 
protection promoted products induced violence at work / antidepressant 
nightmares. (Withdrawal can often be more dangerous than continuing on a 
medication. It is important to withdraw extremely slowly from these drugs, 
usually over a period of a year or more, under the supervision of a 
qualified specialist - often damage is permanent). I was physically and 
verbally attacked many times at work / in Facility). Taliban did cause my 
right hand severe injury and time off work in 2001. As always Company did 
not report it to WSiB.
As all Operators and other Personnel I got massive exposure to unidentified 
product (s )- exposed to chemicals in processes.
Apotex is defiant, not regretful, with out remorse, not willing to correct 
wrong doings.
Company terrorized by many means any one / other employees voicing concerns 
about issues with Safety and quality of the products.
Employees worked with out any PPE(Personal Protection Equipment) and 
sustained sever injuries on daily bases.
Company did not provide First Aid materials and employees had to supply 
themselves in "One dollar stores " with chip medical supply which on regular 
bases were ending up in the products.
I am suffering a great deal with life threatening medical conditions not 
able to afford groceries, needed medications nor to pay any of my financial 
We did have on daily bases incidents/accidents and substantial product 
I got massive and unprotected exposure to unidentified product (s ) in / 
during out of control accident (we did have many accidents) when one of not 
approved new products proved to be volatile and during process exploded 
causing inferno, burning/baking for period of time while releasing toxic 
fumes and causing collateral damage to equipment and infrastructure.
I am suffering skin discoloration, sinuses and respiratory ailments (fluid 
in upper lungs). I am suffering from severe hypertension (which at the 
present is out of control - BP 235/135) and due to it as well as chemicals 
effect my hearth was damaged, migraine headaches, joints and back pains, 
nervous system effects (state of mental turmoil, compromised motor skills, 
compromised speech mechanism, memory elapses etc.), vision problems 
(constant presence of a black spot in eyes which may indicate minor stroke 
effect/hemorrhage or Depakote's side effects etc.) my heir turned white 
under psychiatric drugs, kidney pain and changes, enhanced risk of cancer, 
and fear of cancer.
I experience a feeling of general discomfort and sickness; weakness, trouble 
breathing, unusual drowsiness, dizziness or light-headedness; unusual / 
unexplained stomach upsets, the sudden development of a slow or irregular 
I have serious concerns about the safety of the levels of exposure. My worry 
is that a toxic build up of the drugs and/or its metabolites can be fatal. 
Some of the side effects I experience include infections, nausea, dry mouth, 
constipation, decreased appetite, sleepiness, dizziness, sexual side 
effects, nervousness, tremor, yawning, sweating, abnormal vision, weakness, 
insomnia, including electric shock sensations, abnormal dreams, agitation, 
anxiety, nausea, mood fluctuations, headache, fatigue, sleep disturbances, 
skin rash, anorexia, leg pain , joint pain , muscle pain, pain in arms and 
legs, abdominal cramps, body chronic pain, medication taste, sore throat, 
also effects include vomiting, rash, flu-like symptoms.
I am suffering a great deal with life threatening medical conditions not 
able to afford groceries, needed medications nor to pay any of my financial 
dues. I am not able to perform any chores around my residence, forced to 
relay on assistance. I was "swimming in" / a massive exposure with out any 
protection to a potent immunosuppressant used for organ transplants, brain 
function controlling drugs (psychiatric), antidepressants and narcotics 
which overwhelmed my system.
The evidence proves that alleged facts were true.
Company, with its mandate to bring relief / help to people suffering from 
many medical conditions did make me disable ( work related medical 
conditions) limiting my professional and personal life, making challenging 
my social life, destroyed my marriage, imposed extreme hardship on my family 
and relatives/friends, indirectly killed two of my elderly parents (since 
they learned about my situation they suddenly died few weeks a part - I was 
sole provider) and in vicious / malicious manner on on going bases is 
preventing me from enjoying my Constitutional Right to be able to provide 
for myself.
The human nervous system is particularly vulnerable to toxic-chemical 
insults. Many chemicals can permanently disrupt nervous system function.
Use of / exposure to antipsychotic drugs and IV drug abuse of MPTP which 
inhibits the function of mitochondria within the nerve cells of the brain, 
Environmental toxins play a role in Parkinson's disease. Exposure to 
psychiatric / antidepressants drugs potentially cause symptoms of 
Parkinson's Disease.
Adverse reactions to psychiatric / antidepressant medications (treatment / 
exposure induced) are often diagnosed as bipolar disorder when the symptoms 
may be entirely iatrogenic (treatment induced).
What a crime it was to drop me off "cold turkey" when I was withdrawn 
creating additional damage and leading me into an additional serotonin 
nightmare. Apotex did not allow me to withdraw gradually?
Apotex, who exposes own employees to these extremely addictive drugs with 
out any protection, with no warning of the addictive properties should be 
held accountable for the results of that lack of warning and criminal 
negligence. Withdrawal from these serotonergic antidepressants, according to 
the World Health Organization, appears to be even worse than the 
benzodiazaphines - which already have one of the worst reputations for 
serious withdrawal.
Neither I nor any of the employees were ever informed before starting work 
with Paxil and other products, that they were addictive, induced dependency, 
or created withdrawal reactions.
Paxil creates both physical and psychological dependency because Apotex has 
suppressed the information about the severe withdrawal reactions of its 
drugs, many employees and their physicians are fooled into thinking that the 
withdrawal reactions are caused by another condition (such as relapse), thus 
prompting further incorrect and unnecessary medical treatment, including 
increased dosages of Paxil.
Apotex has known for years the distinct characteristics of Paxil which make 
it prone to cause withdrawal reactions when discontinued.
As result of Company's negligence (exposure to advanced structural composite 
materials /chemicals used in the manufacturing processes which have been 
classified as to have a co- carcinogenic and/or synergistic effect I am 
disabled. I am suffering a great deal with life threatening medical 
conditions not able to afford groceries, needed medications nor to pay any 
of my financial dues. I am not able to perform any chores around my 
residence, forced to relay on assistance. I was "swimming in" / a massive 
exposure with out any protection to a potent immunosuppressant, brain 
function controlling drugs (psychiatric), antidepressants and narcotics 
which overwhelmed my system.
The symptoms of Paxil withdrawal are among the most horrifying experiences 
imaginable. The symptoms can take your life and rip it to shreds, mocking 
your dignity and stealing your freedom. They ravage your soul. They deaden 
your spirit.
Ironically, death often seems like a blessing, so great is the pain of Paxil 
Withdrawal Symptoms.
Taking Paxil is like putting a loaded gun to your head. You better be damn 
sure you need it before you start.
The withdrawal process can mirror every depiction of hell. The paxil 
withdrawals can truly test your sanity. Perhaps the two worse mental 
expressions of the paxil withdrawals are the overwhelming feelings of being 
isolated, cut off from the world and even from loved ones, and the fear of 
permanently losing your sanity. The isolation stems in large part from the 
inability to express or even understand what is happening. Nobody can really 
look inside another person and know the degree of their suffering. The paxil 
withdrawals have always reminded me of the concentration camps of World War 
II. Some of the suffering is unimaginable, and certainly much is horrifying.
The bottom line - no one knows ahead of time if they will be one of the 
unfortunate who suffer horrendously, or if they will be spared the ravages 
of the paxil withdrawals.
My Paxil / other "meds" / narcotics withdrawals come in many variations.
. fainting
. "scratching sound" inside one's head
. constant white noise in the ears
. tingling sensation in cheeks, lips, tongue and surrounding areas.
. heart palpitations/ chest pain
. swollen and sore eyes
. fatigue
. extremely localized, bursting headaches
. lump in throat
. rash / dry, flaky, discolored and irritated skin
. grinding of teeth
. difficulty swallowing
. itchiness
. numbness
. speech problems / inability to use or find the right word
. trembling
. seizures involuntary muscle twitching
. hallucinations
. intense insomnia
. extraordinarily vivid dreams
. extreme confusion during waking hours
. intense fear of losing your sanity
. steady feeling of existing outside of reality as you know it (referred to 
as depersonalization at times)
. memory and concentration problems
. Panic Attacks (even if you never had one before)
. severe mood swings, esp. heightened irritability / anger.
. Dizziness, which can be quite extreme at times.
. Shocks, called the 'zaps'; usually starting in the mouth or head, and 
extending out through the body.
. Sensory sensitivity especially sounds. Any noise can become a painful 
experience. Also, being under florescent lights can create discomfort. 
Touch, motion and even smell can be painful.
. Nausea, very common with paxil withdrawal.
. Confusion, memory problems, and difficulty with concentration.
. Severe insomnia and/or nightmares, (now there's a winning combination).
. Extreme mood swings, such as intense grief and intense anger. Plan for 
this in advance!
. Suicidal thoughts. If the urge to kill yourself becomes too strong and the 
argument becomes too logical, think of those who love you. Think of the 
thousands of others who have or who will go through a similar agony. Just 
don't give up!
. Headaches, sometimes quite severe.
. Reduced motor skills, such as difficulty walking or talking.
. Reduced or no appetite.
. Intense fear of losing your sanity.
. Depersonalization, where nothing seems real; it's like you are outside 
your body.
. Panic attacks, even if you've never had them before.
. Sweating, sometimes profusely.
. Blurred vision.
. Muscle cramps and stomach cramps.
. Diarrhea.
. Chills/hot flashes, part of the 'paxil-flu'.
. Fatigue.
. Painful, swollen eyes or mouth.
. Fainting.
. Hard to swallow.
. Grinding teeth.
. Numbness.
. Itching.
. Trembling.
I was under influence / heavily impaired on psychiatric / antidepressants, 
narcotics and other potent medications during and after employment. 
Company in acts of retribution and criminal negligence exposed me to highly 
potent / dangerous toxic substances for 6.5 years period with out any 
Personal Protection Equipment.
- I was profoundly sick at the time of occurrence and after (I could not 
talk, hold a pan, walk, rationalize what was happening).
- Company abused my condition and committed crimes against me.
- Company deceived me with promises of a new job with out exposure to toxic 
substances at the time of occurrence and after.
Lately, one of my many medical conditions deteriorated and imposes on me a 
lot of difficulties and enormous stress.
During my employment I developed lungs problem (due to product side effects- 
reported to Superiors and documented). My autonomic function of lungs (a 
function of the respiratory cycles) has been compromised.
More and more frequently I am stopping to breathe with out a warning. These 
are relatively short in duration episodes but I am not in control of them. 
Despite my conscious mind I struggle in-vein to take air and I can not make 
my lungs to move. I suspect that my neurons / neurotransmitters are affected 
/ damaged (altered function / communication) by active ingredients at work.
Apotex and all involved in sabotaging of my allegations must be INDICTED and 
convicted on multiple offences / crime (Criminal Code, Constitutional 
provisions, Bill - 45, Bill 107, Bill - 168 and other Law provisions ).
When I position my eyes to the right or left, without moving my head, I 
experience extreme vertigo..
Every nerve and cell within me is screaming . and I experience 
"electrical-jolt" type sensations throughout my entire body.
The nausea I experience everyday is so terrible that I feel as if I could go 
on throwing up for hours, .....
My brain feels as if it's "swimming inside of my skull.
My heart flutters so fast and sporadically, I feel as if at any moment, my 
heart will explode and I will drop dead with a heart attack. ...
The side effects of these drugs are extremely annoying. (Short term memory 
loss, insomnia, loss of libido etc) to name a few.
But NOTHING compares to the nightmarish HELL I experience of coming off of 
all these anti-depressant type drugs,narcotics etc.
Paxil is notorious for having the worst discontinuation syndrome ever.
Ah, yes but "doctors" will tell me these drugs are perfectly safe, but what 
they don't tell is that SHOULD I/you EVER decide to get off the drug/or stop 
being exposed to, I/you will be in for the ride of your life!
Paxil and other drugs did take all my emotions, and tucked them away neatly 
in a"box" where I never had to really deal with anything.
The withdrawal symptoms are extremely unbearable. I experience a hell I 
never knew existed.
Then.that "nice little box" that was tucked away neatly is now OPEN, and 
every emotion I ever had in my entire existence is let out all at once, like 
a pack of roaring lions.
At this point I have to be prepared for ANYTHING. I am fine one moment and 
the next I am sobbing uncontrollably and /or else much more 
dramatic/dangerous ..:).
I feel like I want to die!
These are typical symptoms of "discontinuation syndrome" which mostly 
doctors fail to recognize as being "real" or fail to worn people about, but 
anyone who's ever tried to get off Paxil will tell you, it's VERY real.
Doctors get paid big bucks every time they write a prescription, and they 
get pushed big time to prescribe these drugs to people, for just about any 
complaint or ailment.
The pharmaceutical companies are making massive amounts of money on our 
misery, and keep cashing in because it's so hard for people to get off these 
anti-depressant type drugs.
Paxil and all other drugs are making me feel very lethargic and all around 
disabled 24 hours a day every day.
Apotex deprived me of all my Doctors. Doctors do say to me "I am very sorry, 
but I do not want to get involved in this". I have no body to speak about my 
concerns/ suffer.
I KNOW my body best.
It is always CRUCIAL in recovery to wean off these drugs slowly; it will 
make the withdrawal process smoother and easier. NEVER go off "cold turkey". 
It is very dangerous, due to horrifying /suicidal tendency and every thing 
else I experience / suffer. I was told, that my suffer will newer go away.
I was told, that I do have permanent problems!
It has been hell for years with my anxiety, depression, zaps, pain etc.
I have been getting gradually worse symptoms of Parkinsonism, Fibromyalgia, 
soft tissue tumors, dizziness, drowsiness and general "mental fog." It's 
getting so bad that I think about being in t"wightlight zone".
Disconnection with environment / disconnection with emotions.
Some time I do not know whether I am wake or I am a sleep. Paxil and other 
psychiatric actives separated my sole from my body. I think about being some 
body else (like split personality).
Like being floating in my surroundings.
I can't read without strong magnifying glass. I am getting really dizzy and 
I can barely retain information.
Please look at my other submission of my horrifying actives side effects.

Apotex's victim


Ron McArthur - Apotex’s Senior Vice President

During news media interview (2002 ) Apotex’s Senior Vice President , Operations Ron McArthur offered a very liberal description / assessment of internal situation / non compliance as a Standard Operational Procedure ( SOP ) WITH IN THIS Organization ( Apotex ) which by its nature invalidated all Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP). All ingredients (actives, controlled substances and every thing else together on the floors in manufacturing (MFG) / Packaging (PKG) areas / all over.
Apotex for years sacrificed own employees AND FOR MANY YEARS very negatively impacted unfortunate, afflicted, and very much suffering vulnerable people / health products consumers.
Scores of them were pushed over the edge by contamination, over dose (luck of actives) etc.
Justice was not served for those affected those who perished in agony / their families / General Public (somebody’s loved ones) often spending last pennies on meds which suppose to help.
Construction / expansion created mayhem for 6 + years.
Ron McArthur actually provided some real matrix / matrices.

1. President's directive  to all - confidentiality
2. Example of an accident / incident  and substantial product discharge. One Technician's communication to Management requesting info about product which was processed in confidentiality -  ( copy was forwarded to me with request for assistance).
3. Management/ Executives forced me /employees to lie to HPFBI auditor.
4. Two samples signed by witnesses of Apotex's retribution against me for expressing in open manner concerns for contamination of employees / products and H&S issues.