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I live like a walking death in twilight zone / some where in between death and a life being deprived of all Human Rights and Constitutional / Law 
protection by habitual offenders. I was assessed by three (3) independent psychiatrists to eliminate offender's speculations about my insanity 
prompting "delusions" etc. All psychiatrists stated clearly, that I am sane /I do NOT have/had any mental illness. No family history of any.
Canadian Rulings Revise Law on Libel .
Dear Madams / Sirs ,

Canadian Rulings Revise Law on Libel . Chief Justice Beverley McLachlin
wrote in one of the two unanimous decisions:
"While the law must protect reputation, the current level of protection – in effect a regime of strict
liability – is not justifiable."

Journalists across Canada, as well as bloggers, can now use the defence of
"responsible communication on matters of public interest" as a defence
against libel.

The decisions created a defense against libel for "responsible
communication," which the court defined as careful reporting on matters of
public interest.
The defence of public interest responsible communication will apply where:
A. The publication is on a matter of public interest
B. The publisher was diligent having
regard to:
The seriousness of the allegation;
The public importance of the matter;
The urgency of the matter;
The status and reliability of the source;
and any other relevant circumstances.
The Supreme Court said it examined laws in other countries with similar
legal systems, such as the United Kingdom and Australia. It found that
Canadian law was strict by comparison and did not give enough weight to the
value of free expression.
"It’s probably the most important decision the Supreme Court’s ever decided
on the law of libel. It modernizes our laws to better reflect freedom of speech and that’s in the public interest," said Paul Schabas -lawyer.
"It means that the media and anybody else who’s acting responsibly can put something out for public debate and not be chilled because they can’t ultimately prove that it’s true in a court of law years later." 

All those Revisions in Canadian Law are very positive changes for our Just Society and do provide additional protection for Journalists / media and any body discussing issues of Public interest on Public Forum.

In my Case, new Law provide additional peace of mind for PEOPLE OF GOOD WILL WHICH WANT TO ASSIST ME AND A PUBLIC BY BRINGING MY CASE IN TO THE OPEN ESPECIALLY , THAT IN MY CASE every thing is true and supported by hard evidence, certified witness Statements, Doctors diagnoses as well as by detailed Files in possession of listed in my previous communications Government Agencies, which can be accessed by Freedom of Information provisions or directly from me in case of any Court defence etc.
I want to take this opportunity to express my gratitude to Hemmy Inc. for its efforts and support as well as for diligent work to the benefit of I.W. ,Canadian Society / Public and for People as a whole . 

Apotex’s /WSiB’s / Government’s of Ontario victim