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I live like a walking death in twilight zone / some where in between death and a life being deprived of all Human Rights and Constitutional / Law 
protection by habitual offenders. I was assessed by three (3) independent psychiatrists to eliminate offender's speculations about my insanity 
prompting "delusions" etc. All psychiatrists stated clearly, that I am sane /I do NOT have/had any mental illness. No family history of any.
Canada's alleged terrorism suspects
Dear Sir/Madam,
After Canada's example of financial compensation , political/ legal support 
for terror suspect(s), alleged terrorism suspects held under a house 
arrest-style program but never put on trial are likely to win compensation 
payments in Britain, Britain's government said Wednesday (07/04/2010 ) ...
(Wednesday July 7 2010 by Alison Little, Deputy Political Editor 
TERROR suspects who claim - British security services were - complicit in 
their torture are in line to get - millions in compensation even if a court 
refutes their - allegations, it emerged yesterday.
On home front, in Ontario flourishes culture of crime at Government / 
Ministerial level!
Premier of Ontario, (caring for people, Province) is being deceived by own 
Government Agencies which are overtaken by criminal/terror element and are 
sabotaging Premier's initiatives.
In Ontario Company commits crimes against population in 115 Countries.
Despite fact, that Government Agencies were aware of the situation for many 
years did not do any thing to rehabilitate the system (provided cover up for 
those activities).
People in position of power are promoting (became accessory) to domestic and 
a Global terrorism!
Despite Premier's clearly defined mission/ vision of improving quality of 
governance in Ontario and improving quality of lives for all Ontarians, 
Government Agencies refused to report crimes against me and General Public 
to Police / Authorities. Many key Government Agencies are dysfunctional and 
Situation demands urgent attention and a Public Inquiry!
Ontario's Human Rights Commission as well as Tribunal of Human Rights is 
perpetuating culture of crime and violations of Human Rights in Ontario 
(operates as a coordination centre, predator / violator of Human Rights). 
Acts on behalf of Organizations violating all Laws and Legislatives and 
committing crimes against Citizens.
Tribunal acts as a coordinating link amongst Government Agencies committing 
crimes against Citizens.
Apotex managed to compromise operational integrity, mandate etc. of key 
Government Agencies, Boards, Commissions, some Tribunals, which suppose to 
protect General Public.
Apotex developed integrated and very successful network of crime in Ontario.
Ontario become safe haven for big Corporations engaged in criminal 
Private Corporation controls Lawyers, Doctors, Government Agencies etc.?
OHR Tribunal as well as Ontario Labour Board, WSiB, Ontario Ombudsmen, 
Ontario Human Rights Commission, Worker Advisor Office, Fair Practices 
Commission and many other Government Agencies which repeatedly refused to 
report to Police crimes against me and General Public.
OHR Commission, OHR Tribunal, WSiB, Labour Board as well as other Government 
Agencies refused to report acts of Domestic and Global terrorism to 
Authorities/ Police.
Apotex become a bully who harms / attacks people who express concerns in 
area of Public Safety or are weaker or unable to defend themselves. Apotex 
exposed own employees to appalling and atrocious conditions at work.
In Canada/Ontario injured workers tremendously suffer every day and YES, 
"Who does Not Know the Truth, is simply a Fool.
Yet who knows the Truth and Calls it a Lie, is a Criminal."
Company got engaged in intentional malicious conduct violating all statutes 
with a reckless indifference. It acted in the face of a perceived risk that 
its actions will violate all laws.
Apotex did knowingly and willfully make a materially false, fictitious and 
fraudulent statements and representation in a matter within the jurisdiction 
of the Ontario Labor Board, WSiB, Ontario Human Rights Commission, Tribunal 
and other Government Agencies, DENIED MEDICAL HELP as well obstructed 
Canadian Constitution etc.
Apotex committed many counts of perverting the course of justice or 
intending to pervert the course of justice, many counts of perjury, criminal 
conspiracy, criminal negligence, criminal recruitment of false witnesses, 
attempted murder, did cause permanent disability, irreparable damage. Issues 
and/or events which occurred after my departure from Employer are also in 
full are Apotex's liabilities due to fact that Apotex actively sabotaged 
legal /administrative proceedings in all Government Agencies in question. 
Preliminary matters are that Apotex /Government Agencies in premeditated 
manner are torturing me for MANY, MANY years and pending. Company/ 
Government Agencies act without any consideration for human rights.
I was and am tortured by Apotex, Ontario Labor Board, WSiB, Ontario's 
Ombudsmen Office, Office of the Worker Adviser, Ontario Human Rights 
Commission/Tribunal and some more Agencies. Canadian Government institutions 
mandated to assist General Public in time of misfortune, suffer and despair 
selected to engage in criminal activities and assist criminal Corporation 
which is stone waling an Ontarian / victim with life threatening medical 
conditions. Those Institutions deprived me from Constitutional and Law 
protection. Apotex and its accomplices denied me medical help, deprived me 
of all means of sustaining myself and are not regretful. Apotex, Ontario 
Labor Board, WSiB, Ontario's Ombudsmen Office sentenced me and my family for 
life of suffer, despair, hunger and poverty. Apotex, Ontario Labor Board, 
WSiB, Ontario's Ombudsmen Office shattered my and my family's dreams and 
future. Apotex many times derailed my attempts to get help and justice.
Apotex with Government Agencies subjected me to the most horrifying 
experiences imaginable. Apotex and Government Agencies denied me medical 
help, Constitutional and Law protection, deprived me of ability/all means to 
provide for my self.