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I live like a walking death in twilight zone / some where in between death and a life being deprived of all Human Rights and Constitutional / Law 
protection by habitual offenders. I was assessed by three (3) independent psychiatrists to eliminate offender's speculations about my insanity 
prompting "delusions" etc. All psychiatrists stated clearly, that I am sane /I do NOT have/had any mental illness. No family history of any.
Apotex with its Counsel (Carl Peterson -Filion Wakely Thorup Angelletti) and a gang of criminal accomplices
Dear Sirs / Madams,

Apotex with its Counsel (Carl Peterson -Filion Wakely Thorup Angelletti) and a gang of criminal accomplices beside all of what I do allege in my previous communications did directly CAUSE (after 7+ years of victimizing me, torturing me etc,) my additional and very aggravating problem – a LEGAL ABUSE SYNDROME.
LEGAL ABUSE SYNDROME (LAS) is a form of post traumatic stress disorder (PTSD).
It is a psychic injury, not a mental illness. 

Dr. Karin Huffer (LEGAL VICTIM ASSISTANCE ADVOCATES, LLC), author of the groundbreaking book, Overcoming the Devastation of Legal Abuse Syndrome, has devoted over 20 years to researching, diagnosing, and treating post traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) and other trauma disorders. 

She is an ADA Title II and Title III Specialist, and has been an ADA Section 504 Consultant, working with schools, businesses, and the judicial system to provide effective accommodations for those who suffer from disabilities. 

In 2008, Karin’s extensive work led to the acknowledgement by the ADA that our judicial system can and does cause traumatic stress in those who seek civilized, fair, due process of law and redress of grievances. 

Appalled by the lack of certified ADA advocates available to assist the disabled in court, Dr. Huffer developed a comprehensive ADA Advocate training and certification program . 

She is Associate Professor at Kings University in Forensic Psychology.

"OUR MISSION (states Dr. Karin Huffer) is to ensure equal access to the judicial system, by moving toward a social model over medical model for providing accommodations under the Disabilities Act.

We promote a fair court process with an attitude of inclusion and tolerance.
Our advocates enhance security, dignity and respect for every person.
We support the economy of the court by improving communication, and acting as liaisons.
We helps the courts to better assist and serve those with special needs according to Disabilities Act / mandates.

Our mission is affirmed by the universal declaration of human rights, 1948, the convention on the elimination of discrimination against women of 1979, The ABA Resolution of 2002, The Americans with Disabilities Act Titles II & III, of 1990, the ADAAA of 2008, and the International Treaty for the Disabled of 2009. 

Litigants with disabilities feel that they are wrong or crazy when their best efforts do not succeed in court.
We at LVAA are advocates, consultants, and expert witnesses serving those who have suffered from ethical or legal abuses and who need rational assistance in facing what will feel like a system and life out of control.

What is Legal Abuse Syndrome (LAS)?
LEGAL ABUSE SYNDROME (LAS) is a form of post traumatic stress disorder (PTSD). It is a psychic injury, not a mental illness.
It is a personal injury that develops in individuals assaulted by ethical violations, legal abuses, betrayals, and fraud. Abuse of power and authority and a profound lack of accountability in our courts have become rampant, compounding an already stressful experience.

This stress can and does lead to physical illness. 

AMA statistics show that around 85% of all physical illness is directly attributable to stress. 

Legal Abuse Syndrome is a public health menace in this country.
It leads to massive medical intervention costs, burdens insurance companies, and adds to Medicare and Social Security costs. 

Most painfully, it crushes the brilliance and creativity of its sufferers. 

Legal Abuse Syndrome is detrimental to all of society, and nobody is immune.

Whatever the court setting, whether it is regarding divorce, child custody, parental support, probate matters, personal injury, property disputes, legal or medical malpractice, criminal charges or other deeply personal issues, the frauds put forth in our courts (Government Agencies) add greatly to the trauma. 

When litigants are unable to get fair resolution to their issues, when the court dysfunction further adds to the litigant’s burden, when no amount of actual case law compels an equitable outcome, litigants suffer often disabling levels of stress. 

When further attempts to achieve redress fail, litigants display the hallmark signs of Legal Abuse Syndrome.

Medical and psychological treatment for PTSD is compensable under most health insurance. 

Dr. Karin Huffer"

If a lawyer did his/her job lawfully instead of legally, any claim could be dealt with within a period of one month at the most provided the lawyer had the evidence to support that claim. 

The legal system is not what you could consider a lawful system for the most part.
The courts base most decisions to what is going to benefit the Crown on the commercial side.
All courts in CANADA (The Corporation) are commercial courts.
And that is why case law sets the precedent for what is happening commercially to benefit the Crown in Right.
In order to get these people back to the dejure (lawful) side you need to start accepting their oaths of office and start putting those oaths on record in the court file.

They work for the CROWN in RIGHT, but they are paid and accepted their oath of office working for the Government of Canada, or Government of Ontario, not the Corporation of CANADA or ONTARIO .
They (Lawyers) are in essence committing treason against the people.

Apotex’s / WSiB’s /Government’s of Ontario victim