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I live like a walking death in twilight zone / some where in between death and a life being deprived of all Human Rights and Constitutional / Law 
protection by habitual offenders. I was assessed by three (3) independent psychiatrists to eliminate offender's speculations about my insanity 
prompting "delusions" etc. All psychiatrists stated clearly, that I am sane /I do NOT have/had any mental illness. No family history of any.
Apotex subjected me to the most horrifying experiences imaginable
Dear Sir / Madam,
Apotex subjected me to the most horrifying experiences imaginable. BEYOND 
(Documented). As result of Company's negligence (exposure to advanced 
structural composite materials /chemicals used in the manufacturing 
processes which have been classified as to have a co- carcinogenic and/or 
synergistic effect I am disabled. I am suffering a great deal with life 
threatening medical conditions not able to afford groceries, needed 
medications nor to pay any of my financial dues. I am not able to perform 
any chores around my residence, forced to relay on assistance. I was 
"swimming in" / a massive exposure with out any protection to a potent 
immunosuppressant, brain function controlling drugs (psychiatric), 
antidepressants and narcotics which overwhelmed my system.
The symptoms of Paxil withdrawal are among the most horrifying experiences 
imaginable. The symptoms can take your life and rip it to shreds, mocking 
your dignity and stealing your freedom. They ravage your soul. They deaden 
your spirit.
Ironically, death often seems like a blessing, so great is the pain of Paxil 
Withdrawal Symptoms.
Taking Paxil is like putting a loaded gun to your head. You better be damn 
sure you need it before you start.
The withdrawal process can mirror every depiction of hell . The paxil 
withdrawals can truly test your sanity. Perhaps the two worse mental 
expressions of the paxil withdrawals are the overwhelming feelings of being 
isolated, cut off from the world and even from loved ones, and the fear of 
permanently losing your sanity. The isolation stems in large part from the 
inability to express or even understand what is happening. Nobody can really 
look inside another person and know the degree of their suffering. The paxil 
withdrawals have always reminded me of the concentration camps of World War 
II. Some of the suffering is unimaginable, and certainly much is horrifying.
The bottom line - no one knows ahead of time if they will be one of the 
unfortunate who suffer horrendously, or if they will be spared the ravages 
of the paxil withdrawals.
Drugs, by definition - are poisons to the body. All drugs are poisons. 
Sometimes, however, a person's state has reached the point where a poison is 
the best option.
Of all the selective serotonin reuptake inhibitors (SSRI's) Paxil is 
generally considered to be the most potent. It also has the greatest number 
of side effects as well as the most severe withdrawal symptoms. There are 
hundreds of side effects of paxil. Paxil is nothing but a poison that causes 
all sorts of painful, unpleasant side effects. And sometimes the side 
effects don't even show themselves until the user attempts to stop taking or 
being exposed to paxil.
It is a compilation of my own experience as well as that of the thousands. 
The symptoms redefine the term nightmare. Their nature is such, that you 
will find yourself questioning your sanity on a continual basis. A certain 
lethargy and a depression that was not there beforehand seems to have taken 
It appears that Paxil withdrawal can come in many variations.
. fainting
. "scratching sound" inside one's head
. constant white noise in the ears
. tingling sensation in cheeks, lips, tongue and surrounding areas.
. heart palpitations/ chest pain
. swollen and sore eyes
. fatigue
. extremely localized, bursting headaches
. lump in throat
. rash / dry, flaky, discolored and irritated skin
. grinding of teeth
. difficulty swallowing
. itchiness
. numbness
. speech problems / inability to use or find the right word
. trembling
. seizures involuntary muscle twitching
. hallucinations
. intense insomnia
. extraordinarily vivid dreams
. extreme confusion during waking hours
. intense fear of losing your sanity
. steady feeling of existing outside of reality as you know it (referred to 
as depersonalization at times)
. memory and concentration problems
. Panic Attacks (even if you never had one before)
. severe mood swings, esp. heightened irritability / anger.
. Dizziness, which can be quite extreme at times.
. Shocks, called the 'zaps'; usually starting in the mouth or head, and 
extending out through the body.
. Sensory sensitivity, especially sounds. Any noise can become a painful 
experience. Also, being under florescent lights can create discomfort. 
Touch, motion and even smell can be painful.
. Nausea, very common with paxil withdrawal.
. Confusion, memory problems, and difficulty with concentration.
. Severe insomnia and/or nightmares, (now there's a winning combination).
. Extreme mood swings, such as intense grief and intense anger. Plan for 
this in advance!
. Suicidal thoughts. If the urge to kill yourself becomes too strong and the 
argument becomes too logical, think of those who love you. Think of the 
thousands of others who have or who will go through a similar agony. Just 
don't give up!
. Headaches, sometimes quite severe.
. Reduced motor skills, such as difficulty walking or talking.
. Reduced or no appetite.
. Intense fear of losing your sanity.
. Depersonalization, where nothing seems real; it's like you are outside 
your body.
. Panic attacks, even if you've never had them before.
. Sweating, sometimes profusely.
. Blurred vision.
. Muscle cramps and stomach cramps.
. Diarrhea.
. Chills/hot flashes, part of the 'paxil-flu'.
. Fatigue.
. Painful, swollen eyes or mouth.
. Fainting.
. Hard to swallow.
. Grinding teeth.
. Numbness.
. Itching.
. Trembling.
. Hallucinations.

Apotex's victim