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I live like a walking death in twilight zone / some where in between death and a life being deprived of all Human Rights and Constitutional / Law 
protection by habitual offenders. I was assessed by three (3) independent psychiatrists to eliminate offender's speculations about my insanity 
prompting "delusions" etc. All psychiatrists stated clearly, that I am sane /I do NOT have/had any mental illness. No family history of any.
Apotex committed gross acts of discrimination , retribution, harassment , denial of Constitutional and Law protection , denial of medical help , criminal conspiracy
Dear Sir/Madam, 

Apotex committed gross acts of discrimination , retribution, harassment , 
denial of Constitutional and Law protection , denial of medical help , 
criminal conspiracy and all of what I allege in in my previous submissions 
/communications during six years after criminal termination (and pending ) 
of a very sick , impaired, disabled employee suffering from multitude of 
life threatening medical conditions due to Company's criminal negligence.
All that is additionally after of 6.5 years of the same during my 
In my case, Mr. Carl Peterson a terrorist, Apotex's criminal Counsel- 
Flinton Wakely Thorup Angeletti, assembled another Apotex's team of 
fraudulent witnesses.
This time around it consist:
. Dr. Mitchell Saurhoff- toxicologist, with out providing any Doctor's 
Diplomas/Certificates/ Credentials/ with out any Doctor's publications of 
Academic /Research/ Hospital's Clinical Trials / any references of Doctor's 
work etc. as required by Tribunal's Rules.
. Dr. Mitchell Saurhoff plans to provide "out of the blue" toxicology 
analyses of work at Apotex, based on held by Apotex my "medical File".
. He wants to testify about :
*general impact of Apotex's working environment on the health of workers
* the specific impact of Apotex's working environment on the workers health 
, including a review and analyses the worker's health records
* He wants to speculate, that the worker's (my) medical conditions are not 
casually related to the Worker's (my) employment with Apotex!
1.Apotex did not create any valid health Files for employees (no Safety 
Department, no Nurse employed , NO WILL TO RECORD SIDE EFFECTS ON EMPLOYESS, 
2.Apotex processed many products in confidentiality
3. Processes were documented /Recorded on blank Forms, not indicating names/ 
characteristics of processed products
4.FDA does not test proposed new products. It does rely almost exclusively 
on safety and efficacy data provided by drug's sponsor / pharmaceutical 
Industry. Studies are constructed, financed, and supervised entirely by 
pharmaceutical Companies themselves. The testing process is deeply flawed! 
Money is used to design studies, interpret the results and stuff negative 
data under the DRUG-RUG . Not science governs Doctor's prescribing habits.
. Dr. Saurhoff's toxicology analyses of my case, my exposures will come as 
result of deceit and check-book science, not as a hard science behind it. 
Apotex recruits Dr. Saurhoff to obstruct Canadian Government's Agencies 
(Tribunal) and whole judicial system etc. Most drugs do not have any human 
trials. It could be stated as a fact, that nearly all of the synthetic (man 
made) chemicals / drugs regularly used in pharmaceutical Industry today did 
not exist 40 years ago.
Of the 45.000 + toxic chemicals listed by the US National Institute of 
Safety and Health (NIOSH), LES THEN only 7000 HAD BEEN "TESTED". 
Unprecedented growth rate of many diseases is associated with those modern 
chemicals There are adverse effects observable in the pattern of human 
disease, particularly in young people.
We can observe, that those changes have taken place over the same period 
of time as the introduction of these novel chemicals/ drugs.
Overlooked by "regulators" is the variation in effects on a population from 
similar exposures etc. Next criminal/ fraudulent witness is a former 
Manager. One of a very few bribed by Apotex with a bonus equal to his annual 
salary for looking the other way and for facilitating crimes committed by 
Company processed in confidentiality many dangerous products, while exposing 
own employees with out any personal /collective protection / awareness to 
deadly products, triggering horrifying side effects/sickness and death.
He looked the other way while Apotex contaminated / cross contaminated 
products, regularly discharged very toxic / untreated production waste 
waters in to City's sever system / Lake Ontario!
Next two witnesses are Aptex victims.
One (former Operator) almost died in the Hospital due to personal 
Company promoted him to Associate Supervisor/Manager and while his health 
did not improve fast enough, Apotex promoted him to Associate Director's 
position of the "cuckoo Land" in exchange for not filing Workers 
Compensation Claims.
Second witness from this category is a very, very honest /dedicated 
individual (who suffers from some speech mechanism problems due to some 
medical conditions) who was forced out of the Company because he supported 
me and my concerns.
Apotex's Counsel wants to protect real offenders which could spill their 
guts about Apotex's crimes in own defense.
Fifth Company's witness is as Counsel claims a former Director of Health and 
Safety Department in the Plant in question.
The Director " is unknown to me and positively he never worked in TorPharm 
Apotex Etobicoke during 6.5 years of my employment!
When a terrorist/ Apotex's Counsel, Mr. Carl Peterson will be stopped with 
his obstruction of Canada's Constitution , Judicial/ Legal processes/System 
and all Legislatives and from torturing me , from denying me all Human 
Rights, medical help and much more
Please look at my previous entries/submissions.
(Apotex's victim)