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I live like a walking death in twilight zone / some where in between death and a life being deprived of all Human Rights and Constitutional / Law 
protection by habitual offenders. I was assessed by three (3) independent psychiatrists to eliminate offender's speculations about my insanity 
prompting "delusions" etc. All psychiatrists stated clearly, that I am sane /I do NOT have/had any mental illness. No family history of any.
Apotex, I got massive and unprotected exposure to unidentified product (s ) in / 
during out of control accident (we did have many accidents) when one of not 
approved new products proved to be volatile and during process exploded 
causing inferno, burning/baking for long period of time while releasing 
toxic fumes and causing collateral damage to equipment and infrastructure. 
Dear Sir/Madam, 

For record I want to state, that Apotex's "witness" was one of the people 
directly involved in criminal negligence on behalf of the Company during my 
On numerous occasions I did approach him in person requesting PPE (Personal 
Protection Equipment) because I was forced to work directly with very potent 
actives. Every time he refused to provide me with one (the same way as my 
other superiors - they use to state, that all critical inventory -actives 
and other supply are personally ordered by OWNER OF THE COMPANY and he does 
not have any money for safety items due to pending construction and many 
legal problems). That was despite his duty as "safety representative" to 
observe Safety Regulations and protect employees.
Last time it was in 2003 while I was already very sick.
Now again he is not truthful, producing false statements to WSiB on behalf 
of Company .
Unfortunately "witness" was one of those employees hired by Company with out 
any expertise in capacity he was meant to perform. He was personally 
responsible for many equipment failures as well as he personally caused 
On the job he was a hazard to himself and to others. On one occasion, 
because of his luck of knowledge / neglect he becomes a victim of an 
accident he created/caused and he was taken in to the hospital from work.
This accident was assisted by Fire Rescue Services (they extracted "witness" 
from contaminated / not accessible are, Emergency Paramedics and City TV 
News (which with out any permission / authorization entered Company/ 
Facility to get this story -while unfolded on the TV News).
At the time there wasn't present on the duty any Supervisor, neither Manager 
nor any one who would take charge of the situation.
It is important to notice, that at that time Company did not have any safety 
/ security (which I was proactively trying to get into place in order to 
make Company safer and to prevent actives from going out in to the black 
My personal initiatives regarding safety and security of the Plant are 
documented (we did have many accidents of cross contamination and 
disappearance of inventory).
After this accident in order to prevent future casualties Company moved 
"witness" from service of production & packaging equipment in to newly 
announced phantom "Safety Department" to keep him away from any thing and 
every thing and to compensate him for suffer so he wouldn't claim any 
disabilities (WSiB). He remained on Facility Support Service's payroll 
because Safety Dep. Officially did not exist.
Unfortunately he becomes a "safety representative" to sign Documents with 
out questioning / verifying the status quo.
On daily bases "witness" displayed emotional problems and was involved in 
road rage which resulted in Highway accident. He left the accident seen and 
later claimed as of an excuse fear of physical thread from other driver.
At work he proudly stated to pears ( at my presence), that he and the other 
driver were cutting each other, speeding and verbally abusing each other for 
miles while swirling all over the highway in heavy traffic..
We did have many employees displaying emotional problems / addictions which 
were instated in position of power.
Example involves Supervisor - fired from previous job due to alcoholism and 
mental instability which created big problems at work. At Apotex he did 
cause a lot of problems, hazards, equipment failures, cross contamination, 
he altered many Recipes in equipment's programs etc.
One of FFS's Managers.
He also was fired from previous job due to mental instability and hazards he 
At Apotex he was hazard to be around and he did cause many equipment 
failures and accidents.
Example involves equipment failure due to his activity and as result of it 
spill of hundreds of liters of toxic liquids / special oils all over two 
floors etc.
Examples can go on and on:
1. I got massive and unprotected exposure to unidentified product (s ) in / 
during out of control accident (we did have many accidents) when one of not 
approved new products proved to be volatile and during process exploded 
causing inferno, burning/baking for long period of time while releasing 
toxic fumes and causing collateral damage to equipment and infrastructure. 
Explosion / fire was not contained in one Room as Company claims.
It significantly damaged infrastructure end equipment on two floors.
Explosion/ fire did cause first face damage and fire (extinguishing of it) 
did cause second face of damage and contamination of two floors since fire 
hoses (water) used to extinguish combustion did discharge product from 80 
cubic foot (1000 kg) bin on the floor. Fumes contaminated whole area.
Such mess was sitting left in there for period of few days because of 
Ministry's of Labour investigation. Ministry did not allow any clean up for 
number of days. All employees walked all over it (no other way to go due to 
pending construction) and dispersed it in MFG and PKG areas. (I WOULD LIKE 
products Company processed with out compliance with any regulations and with 
out providing adequate/any protection for employees. (MINISTRY of LABOUR 
did not admit to WSiB any accident Investigations).
2. -The Kettle incident was a separate case and did occur on 3rd and 2nd 
floors (also integrated system extending through two floors).That was also a 
new not approved product processed on not qualified and not approved 
Mess of two floors was left not cleaned up for few months period, because 
Company did not have expertise nor any means to deal with product and 
contaminated equipment (after incident , and after all systems were disabled 
/down on emergency mode the product solidified as a rock). For many months 
solidified product remained in/on the equipment and powdered 
product/ingredients were all over the two floors.
Many times I was forced by Management to go to this area with out any 
protection to perform work on some pieces of equipment in the system. Our PM 
System /Schedule were not integrated into/with production schedule.
3.-Other incident occurred on new, huge automated/computerized system 
(vacuum mixers and Fluid Air equipment) . Company processed not approved 
products on not qualified equipment and that resulted in melt down / 
disintegration of all seals and plastic parts etc. and contamination of 
equipment and area.
We did have on daily bases incidents/accidents and substantial product 
In manufacturing area we were encapsulating / compressing/ processing etc. 
very many products on daily bases (spontaneously /parallel).
On each piece of equipment/system we were running different product.
On regular bases particular machine was changed over to different product/ 
format in the same day. No Supervision, no Management, no in Process 
Control, no sanitation of equipment, no Work Orders, no Safety Data , no 
First Aid supply , no nothing but demolition conditions due to pending 
massive construction.
Supplied by my former employer (TorPharm/Apotex) to WSiB Safety Data Sheets 
do not reflect and will not reflect actual list of chemicals, which Company 
held in stock and used for processing in their Plant.
Many products are under extensive formulation and development stages (in 
Due to "FDA APROVED STATUS" of this location/Plant, TorPharm/Apotex 
processed there products for other Plants (Apotex Group of Companies).
In secrecy we did work on Formulation and Development of almost all key 
products/brands present on the market (solid dose).
Many products with out any permits or approvals or prior to that.
At nights Company was bringing in to the Plant and processed products not 
approved for this facility by Regulators.
Company did keep in the warehouse restricted products under specially 
assigned and misleading names. Many of those products were not included on 
official Inventory list of a few thousand of chemicals in the warehouse.
As you know, TorPharm/Apotex is a Generic Company and due to the nature of 
their business (challenging validity of ownership and patents as well as 
exclusive rights to the products of Brand Names) Apotex will not revel any 
Safety Data Sheets of products/ chemicals which they worked on due to simple 
fact, that such admission / disclosure would expose them to the massive 
legal action by other Pharmaceutical Companies for infringement of Patents / 
Brands, absence of compliance with Regulations as well as adverse side 
effects on unprotected employees...
Apotex will conceal and manipulate data and underreport info concerning 

For many years Company processed, melted / boiled chemicals in hundred of pounds at the 
time in order to challenge existing /valid Patents of Brand Name's by 
Those processes were conducted in /on not approved equipment and in 
manufacturing area not approved for such operations.
All evidence shows that the Corporation deviated from the standard of 
behavior and that personal injury could have been prevented and that the 
deviation resulted in my personal injury.
Company, with its mandate to bring relief / help to people suffering from 
many medical conditions did make me disable (work related medical 
TorPharm/Apotex committed crime against me destroying my health and life by 
criminal negligence! For very long time they further victimized me denying 
me my Constitutional Rights to be able to provide for myself. Because of 
their extended criminal activities I was not able to purchase groceries, 
medications, to visit Doctors, to pay my bills and I am being repossessed by 
my creditors.
How come Criminal Corporation managed to delay WSiB's investigation and 
submission of documentation which would allow WSiB to process my Claim 
After months of Investigation, Criminal Company reluctantly forwarded 
Products Safety Data Sheets which are useless! It took for them months to 
manipulate, select and compromise info. This is a joke!
How come WSiB is relaying on falsified Product Safety Data Sheets supplied 
by a Criminal Company?
How come TorPharm / Apotex was hiding all Product Information (Work Orders, 
Safety Data Sheets, Inventory Lists etc.) while processing products during 
my employment?
How come all Production Operators, all in Process Quality Reassurance 
Employees, all Sanitation Employees, all Supervisors, all Facility Services 
Employees and all others deserted the Company at the same time (when 
dangerous products were introduced and Company did not provide base safety 
Why for period of years my Department's Manager and Director refused to 
enter Manufacturing, Packaging Departments as well as services areas despite 
of countless cases of urgent need of their participation/input.
Why Superiors refused to reveal names of products we worked on/with??????
Why Company employed individuals with out language knowledge, with out any 
job security, with out any health insurance trough third Party and rotated 
It is important to differentiate in between an accident and a crime 
(criminal, methodical negligence). Torpharm/Apotex got engaged in 
intentional malicious conduct violating all statutes with a reckless 
They deliberately acted with knowledge of a high degree of probability of 
serious harm to me and reckless indifference to the consequences of that 
It acted in the face of a perceived risk that its actions will violate all 
We are faced with unethical corporation that engaged in illegal production 
of prohibited products, violated all rules of the corporate system and in 
the process sacrificed health of own employees.
As result of Torpharm/Apotex's negligence (exposure to advanced structural 
composite materials /chemicals used in the manufacturing processes which 
have been classified as to have a co- carcinogenic and/or synergistic 
effect) I AM DISABLE.
Toxic build up of the drugs and/or its metabolites can be fatal.
As we know, all Corporations are required to adhere to certain standards of 
These standards are design to protect them and others.
Failure to meet these standards can cause unnecessary personal injury and is 
punishable by law.
TorPharm/Apotex had the legal obligation to behave in a particular manner 
and had the duty to protect me from on the job harm and personal injury.
The Corporation failed to fulfill this obligation by acting inappropriately 
and due to legal breech of conduct caused my personal injury.
Company got engaged in intentional malicious conduct violating all statutes 
with a reckless indifference.
It acted in the face of a perceived risk that its actions will violate all 
Company treated me in harsh and humiliating way acting in an especially 
egregious manner. The evidence proves that alleged facts were true.
Company, with its mandate to bring relief / help to people suffering from 
many medical conditions did make me disable ( work related medical 
conditions) limiting my professional and personal life, making challenging 
my social life and in vicious / malicious manner on on going bases is 
preventing me from enjoying my Constitutional Right to be able to provide 
for myself.
The extraordinarily lucrative pharmaceutical industry has long been driven 
more by profit, power and policy then pills or concern to Health and Safety.
There is much moral posturing in an industry that is only too well aware, 
that it capitalizes on a captive market of the desperate and the afflicted.
This is a reason why in the name of higher benefit Corporation selected to 
ignore Health and Safety regulations and adopted an unrelentingly aggressive 
stance against me while I expressed concerns in area of Health and Safety 
and quality of the products.
To ask TorPharm/Apotex to supply evidence (Product Safety Data Sheets) and 
base WSiB's decision upon this material is like assisting Company in their 
No Justice System is allowing a Criminal to fabricate an alibi/evidence.
Due to such approach by WSiB and some others, TorPharm/Apotex so boldly 
breaks the Law and flourishes on their path of crime.
Overlooking their activities is like being an accessory to the crimes and 
this is against Public's best interest.
That is what Corporation gave to me for 6.5 years of dedicated work.
For very many years I am not able to get any help.
My life is being compromised by delays.
Please assist me with out any further obstacles .
(Apotex's victim)